Living in Del City OK

Living in Del City OK

Living in Del City Oklahoma has several distinctive advantages that make it an attractive place to call home. The cost of living is far lower than its national counterpart and home prices are relatively inexpensive; crime rate is low while residents enjoy various local amenities and outdoor activities including Thunder Bay Golf & Country Club. Furthermore, Del City provides educational opportunities for both children and adults.

Before buying real estate in Del City OK, there are a few things you should take into account before making your decision. First and foremost, make sure the property is conveniently close to public services such as schools. In addition, ensure the neighborhood is safe and well maintained; having high demand for rental properties increases their value significantly.

Del City is home to Tinker Air Force Base, providing many recession-proof jobs. Additionally, Oklahoma Christian University, Rose State College and the University of Oklahoma all offer degrees which make the city ideal for starting careers or raising families – the city earned an 89 livability score and scored high for affordability, amenities, education and housing.

City life offers much to its residents and workers. Commuting times average just 20 minutes each way compared to 26 for the nation overall – an advantage for anyone avoiding traffic jams every day.

Del City OK boasts an affordable cost of living, making it easy to find affordable homes for sale. The median home price in Del City ok stands at $89,000 which is lower than the national average of $187,300 and 3,500 sq feet is typically the size of average homes built during 1940s or 1970s construction periods.

If you’re considering investing in del city OK real estate, be aware of its strong single-family rental market due to the large military family community who require homes near bases. Rental homes tend to range between $200k-250k; therefore providing an excellent investment opportunity.

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