moving to oklahoma city

Oklahoma City can be an incredible place for anyone. There are plenty of rewarding employment options and living costs are relatively low – making this an excellent place for newcomers. But it is crucial that when moving to any new city you plan ahead.

Before hiring any moving company, be sure to verify their USDOT and MC numbers for reliability.

1. It’s a great place to raise a family

Oklahoma City is an ideal city for anyone looking to start or raise a family, offering an excellent combination of culture, low costs of living and exciting activities like epic rodeos. There is also a variety of job opportunities for all skill levels available here; its residents are known for being friendly and generous, making Oklahoma City an inclusive community that welcomes newcomers with open arms.

The city’s economy is strong and diverse, with major energy firms like Devon Energy and OU Health contributing significantly to its economy. Other notable industries include aerospace and military industries – Boeing employs thousands of people at Tinker Air Force Base alone! Tinker also boasts an active downtown area which serves as a center for business activity throughout Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City stands out as having one of the nation’s finest public school systems, boasting high-quality primary and secondary education in both its suburbs as well as within its city limits – this includes access to some incredible colleges such as University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City Community College.

Oklahoma City boasts a relatively low crime rate; however, your level of safety will depend heavily on which neighborhood you choose to reside in. Since Oklahoma City lies within “Tornado Alley,” it’s wise to be prepared for severe weather events in spring and summertime.

No matter if you’re moving to Oklahoma City for work or raising a family, doing your research first is vitally important. Oklahoma City offers so much; taking the time to plan out the move can ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

2. It’s a great place to work

Oklahoma City provides many employment opportunities that should be carefully considered when moving to a new city, including energy, agriculture, manufacturing aviation/aerospace healthcare government sectors – plus its growing technology sector and vibrant startup scene! If you are seeking long-term careers this could be your perfect home.

Oklahoma City offers one of the lowest living costs among major cities, with two-bedroom apartments costing an average $879 monthly rent and median homes around $300,000. Furthermore, its crime rates rank among some of the lowest nationwide – making Oklahoma an excellent location for families with young children.

Oklahoma City stands out as an attractive large city due to its smaller crowds and smooth and efficient traffic flow; residents claim “rush hour” does not exist here! As such, arriving on time at work allows you to take full advantage of everything this vibrant city has to offer!

Oklahoma City is made up of numerous suburbs clustered together around its downtown area, so choosing the right neighborhood depends on your individual needs and commute times. Areas closer to downtown tend to be more expensive. When moving to Oklahoma City, consider public transportation options in your chosen neighborhood prior to moving there – Oklahoma City boasts an extensive bus system including fixed route buses and express buses as well as streetcar service through its downtown district.

3. It’s a great place to shop

Oklahoma City is an ideal city for retail spending. Prices here are extremely reasonable – in fact it boasts the second lowest cost of living across America! By saving on everything from groceries to healthcare you will put more money back in your wallet.

Oklahomans are famously generous and friendly, which makes moving there such an excellent idea. You’ll meet plenty of like-minded individuals while making friends quickly in this state’s strong economy that offers many job opportunities – meaning plenty of options when searching for work in Oklahoma City!

Oklahoma is widely known for its low crime rates. This is especially evident in Oklahoma City, which offers a safe and vibrant community without traffic jams or crowds; you can walk safely around without getting stuck in one. Oklahoma City makes for an excellent home, particularly for families with young children.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that Oklahoma City public transportation options are limited, making a car an essential part of moving there. You will also want an auto transport company such as Allied Van Lines on your side during this process; we provide reliable vehicle shipping solutions at competitive rates while offering you free quotes!

4. It’s a great place to party

Oklahoma City offers all the urban and cultural amenities of a large city while remaining friendly enough for families, making it the ideal location. Residents there enjoy some of the highest happiness ratings nationwide and its low crime rate makes Oklahoma City an excellent choice.

Oklahoma City offers something for every age in terms of entertainment; parks, galleries, museums and nightlife! Everything from honky-tonk bars and sophisticated rooftop lounges to casual pubs and trendy dance clubs await visitors here. Additionally, many unique dining establishments remain open late so you can continue to experience Oklahoma City nightlife even after sundown has set!

Oklahoma City is the home of NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder and boasts a revitalized downtown area complete with Bricktown Entertainment District and Paycom Center, making it an attractive destination for sports fans and visitors looking for authentic American experiences alike. Residents in this friendly city are known to welcome strangers easily; making Oklahoma City an excellent way to meet new people!

Before moving to Oklahoma City, it is essential that you research different neighborhoods and housing options based on your budget, preferences, and lifestyle. Rent initially before considering purchasing once certain that the area suits you well; additionally consider self storage services in Oklahoma City so you’ll have enough space for all of your belongings during this transitional phase of life. Taking these steps will ensure an easy move into a new city!

5. It’s a great place to raise your kids

When it comes to choosing a location to raise kids, every family has different criteria in mind when making their decision. Some might prioritize finding schools with excellent programs while others might prioritize safety or affordability as criteria. No matter your criteria are, all families should keep a few important aspects in mind before making their selection decision.

First and foremost, Oklahoma City is a large city. While it offers much to its visitors, navigating it can sometimes be challenging – particularly with young children in tow. With some hard work though, finding an ideal home in OKC for your family should not be hard!

Nichols Hills offers excellent schools and is one of the more family-friendly communities available in this city, while Deer Creek, Crown Heights, and Edgemere Heights may also be good options for your consideration.

Keep in mind that Oklahoma City may not have as high a crime rate than other cities, yet that doesn’t indicate unsafe living conditions – just take extra care when selecting your neighborhood.

Oklahoma City is a wonderful city to raise your children. Offering excellent schools and cultural festivals while remaining an affordable city makes this destination truly ideal. So if you’re in search of somewhere with it all, Oklahoma City should definitely be on your radar!