moving to oklahoma city

Oklahoma City (OKC) offers friendly people and affordable living costs – the ideal combination for newcomers! As one of America’s largest cities yet still possessing its Southern charm.

As it attracts many different cultures from across the country and beyond, making new friends is easy in this city.

Affordable living and housing costs

One of the primary attractions of Oklahoma City for many people is its affordability. Due to its lower cost of living, your dollar goes much farther on housing and groceries in Oklahoma City compared to other parts of the United States – Oklahoma City is even ranked 17th most affordable city by one national economic research firm!

Oklahoma City provides not only affordable living but also boasts a dynamic economy and plenty of activities for people of all ages, making it a top choice for both families and individuals looking for new places to call home. Here are some helpful tips that may assist in planning your move to Oklahoma City.

At first, consider housing costs. A single person earning minimum wage in Oklahoma City would need an additional job or roommate in order to afford an average two-bedroom apartment which averages $821 monthly, as stated by RealtyHop, which ranks cities according to factors like median household income, property tax rates and mortgage expenses.

Out-of-state investors are buying up properties in Oklahoma City at prices driven up by out-of-state investors, pushing out residents with lower incomes. It took Krista Sullivan six weeks to locate an apartment accepting Section 8 vouchers; now living in a complex with stairs was challenging given her nerve damage and chronic pain issues.

Yukon offers the ideal balance of rural charm and affordability, only being 30 minutes away from Oklahoma City proper. Surrounded by lush natural spaces, excellent schools and offering affordable living costs – Yukon makes an attractive option for both families and individuals looking for their ideal living situation.

Midwest City, with a population of roughly 57,500, is another popular option and only requires 20 minutes to drive into Oklahoma City’s core. Plus, this town provides many family-oriented attractions and is convenient to multiple universities – making it ideal for college students as well.

Decent public infrastructure

Oklahoma City could be an ideal location for families. Nestled in the center of the state, Oklahoma City features numerous parks and outdoor recreational facilities as well as cultural activities and events to explore. Plus, Oklahoma City offers good public infrastructure; though perhaps not as extensive as other big cities’ offerings; still enough to meet basic needs.

OKC stands out as an attractive city because its population density is lower than other major metropolises, giving you more time and opportunities for relaxation after work and socialization with people from diverse backgrounds – an essential factor in becoming more tolerant and seeing things from new angles.

However, living in Oklahoma City can be costly. The cost of living is relatively high while wages for low-skilled workers remain quite low, necessitating many to work long hours just to cover their expenses and ensure financial security for themselves and their family. Furthermore, disparities are becoming ever wider between rich and poor which could pose future social problems.

At present, the city is working to address these problems through investments in modernization and expansion of infrastructure. Recently, for instance, municipal fiber was unrolled to provide residents with fast internet access; additionally, efforts are underway to enhance water and sewer systems and thus will ultimately benefit local residents in the long run.

Although Oklahoma City’s infrastructure has seen improvements, more needs to be done to support its expanding population. Traffic congestion remains a significant problem and streets must be designed with multiple modes of transport in mind – for instance pedestrian and bicycle routes need multi-modal corridors for smooth travel. Furthermore, Oklahoma City must invest in affordable housing developments as well as improve access to high-speed internet to enhance residents’ quality of life while stimulating economic development – it is imperative to take this into consideration when making any decisions related to moving to Oklahoma City.

Friendly and outgoing people

Once in OKC, you’ll quickly notice how friendly and outgoing its people are compared to other larger cities; making new acquaintances is easy and quickly making you feel at home in this city. Also, demand for housing tends to be low compared to larger cities which means finding an apartment or house to call your own is quickly achievable without spending too much.

Oklahoma City stands out as a great public infrastructure city where you can find everything from food to medicine easily. Additionally, it has some decent bars and clubs though they may not compare with other big cities for nightlife. Oklahoma City also welcomes people from all around the globe; you are sure to meet many interesting and welcoming individuals here who would welcome having you as part of their community.

Oklahoma City residents tend to be very friendly, making the city an excellent place for meeting new people and creating lasting friendships. Furthermore, Oklahoma City offers beautiful summers full of sunshine – making this city perfect for outdoor lovers!

There are, however, some things you should keep in mind before moving to Oklahoma City. For instance, average income levels in Oklahoma City tend to be quite low and it may take you some time before earning enough for a decent living; this could present problems if saving for future needs or having no other source of income is an issue. Furthermore, Oklahoma City itself may become less than appealing after some time; thus prompting relocation plans to look at alternative cities as well.

Easy to make new friends

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Oklahoma is an appealing state for relocation due to its affordability and high quality of life, featuring low crime rates and top-rated schools that draw relocating families. Furthermore, this state boasts the lowest cost of living in America – according to GOBankingRates’ study that measured how long $100,000 would last in each of America’s 50 largest cities (Oklahoma City was rated #2).

Oklahoma offers an attractive job market. Oklahoma is home to numerous industries spanning agriculture, energy, aerospace and education; furthermore its workforce is relatively young – good news for job hunters looking for entry-level or executive roles! Its diverse economy also means there are plenty of job opportunities throughout its varied economy.

As soon as you arrive in Oklahoma City, it is a wise idea to familiarize yourself with its culture. Most residents are extremely welcoming of newcomers. Furthermore, Oklahoma is generally considered a peaceful and relaxed state – making it the perfect location for settling down. Just keep in mind that summer heat can quickly turn cold while winter chills will follow shortly thereafter.

Oklahoma weather may seem foreign at first, but you’ll soon come to appreciate its significance as part of its culture. Locals enjoy discussing it; locals sometimes refer to Oklahoma weather by saying something like “If you don’t like Oklahoma weather, just wait five minutes!” Temperatures in summer can become scorchingly hot and humid while tornadoes are common occurrences here; furthermore it’s essential to be prepared for snowstorms that cause icy roads and school closures during winter storms.