Oklahoma City and Oklahoma offer residents a low cost of living, excellent career opportunities and vibrant culture – this guide can help you decide if moving there is right for you.

Oklahoma City is home to both family-owned businesses and major companies like Love’s Travel Stop and Paycom, while also being an epicenter for innovation with flourishing sectors including aviation & aerospace, bioscience and energy.

1. Low Cost of Living

Oklahoma City offers an attractive cost of living environment, featuring fine dining options, engaging museums and world-class performing arts venues as well as Western heritage attractions and activities that celebrate it.

Oklahoma City boasts much lower home prices than the national median, making it easier for homebuyers or renters to afford mortgage payments or rental agreements. Furthermore, Oklahoma is known for its low utility costs which make living here even more budget-friendly.

Oklahoma City suburbs provide all of the benefits of urban living while remaining affordable on any budget. Yukon stands out as a particularly budget-friendly option with just over 28,000 residents residing here – offering activities like shopping at local malls and visiting parks and recreational facilities nearby.

Moore is another ideal option for those who are on a limited budget and seeking a place to settle. Boasting around 62,000 residents, this Oklahoma City suburb boasts plenty of attractions ranging from Myriad Botanical Gardens and local stores to outdoor recreation options at one of its parks or recreational facilities.

If you are planning to move, our free cost of living calculator is here to help! It takes into account consumer goods and service prices in each city to give an accurate comparison.

2. Healthy Job Market

Economic health of a city should always be taken into consideration when making decisions on where to move. Oklahoma City stands out among competitors thanks to its robust job market, low cost of living and outstanding education system – which make it a popular destination among individuals looking for new careers or starting families. According to recent studies, OKC is often considered as an ideal location in which to reside.

SmartAsset recently conducted an exhaustive study that evaluated eight factors, such as high school graduation rates, poverty rates and housing affordability to rank the country’s best cities for first-time homebuyers. Oklahoma City made the cut.

Forbes conducted research from 2007-2012 on which major cities workers in their prime were migrating, ranking Oklahoma City tenth among them. Their researchers looked at data for those aged 35-49. Oklahoma City can be attributed its rapid growth as being due to energy and aerospace industries as well as having lower costs of living than other metros.

WalletHub ranks Metro Atlanta fifth among its list of ideal places for beginning their own businesses, taking into consideration metrics like population growth, office-space affordability and other criteria.

Oklahoma City offers one of the shortest commute times among big cities nationwide at 20.7 minutes on average due to low traffic congestion, strong economy and vibrant job market – as noted in New Geography study. A major factor contributing to Oklahoma City’s high ranking was also fast commute times.

3. Easy to Get Around

Oklahoma City offers one of the nation’s most accessible freeways, as well as bus and Metro transit services, making travel simple. However, for maximum flexibility and to avoid public transportation hassles altogether, owning your own car is recommended – just remember to be mentally prepared for frequent snowstorms that occur every two years which cause school and work closures!

Oklahoma boasts an average one-way commute time of 21.3 minutes, considerably lower than the national average of 26.4 minutes. As such, those moving to Oklahoma City can experience stress-free life as well as long-term health advantages.

Oklahoma City is not only known for its flourishing economy, but also offers many breathtaking attractions and entertaining activities. As an amalgamation of cultures from Southwest, Midwest, and South, it makes an exceptional cultural medley – with exhibits at Museum of Art or concerts downtown providing something fun for everyone to do here!

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4. Easy to Live in

Living in Oklahoma City can be simple. First off, property prices are relatively low in comparison with other US cities and you should have no difficulty finding affordable housing solutions for yourself and your family members. This also means you won’t have to spend an inordinate portion of your income on rent; something many residents in other cities struggle with and which can often prove stressful at times.

The city is also incredibly accommodating, allowing you to make friends from all backgrounds easily and developing some valuable social skills by spending time with people from varying backgrounds. This makes meeting new people easy – as is making new ones!

Oklahomans are extremely friendly and polite people, often willing to offer assistance whenever needed. Their smiles and encouraging words provide much-needed boosts of encouragement when times get rough.

Moving to OKC offers many advantages, with its relatively compact cityscape providing relief if you don’t enjoy living in large cities with heavy traffic congestion. On the flip side, its lack of religious diversity may deter some families who wish to settle here.

Overall, Oklahoma is an ideal state to call home, offering many advantages that make it ideal for relocating families. From its strong economy and job market, to some of the nation’s premier schools – no wonder Oklahoma has become one of the premier states for family relocation in America!

5. Great Nightlife

Oklahoma offers an enjoyable nightlife scene for partygoers, with Oklahoma City and Tulsa boasting lesser crowds than larger American cities – meaning that you can experience life to its fullest without breaking the bank – plus it provides relief from stressful rush hour traffic jams that plague big cities.

Oklahoma offers something for every taste and budget; from dancing the night away at trendy dance clubs to sophisticated wine bars or jazz clubs offering upscale entertainment, Oklahoma has something to offer everyone. Additionally, New York and LA residents may be amazed at just how affordable Oklahoma housing and entertainment prices are compared with these high-cost cities.

Oklahoma City, a bustling metropolis with pioneer roots, boasts an exciting cosmopolitan lifestyle with Old West touches. Renowned performing arts centers and museums highlight Oklahoma City’s cowboy legacy while its downtown districts host an array of restaurants, bars and shops that honor this cultural diversity.

OKC offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration, with four unique seasons: warm summer afternoons are inviting while winter brings cold breezes that clear away smog. And for a scenic escape, Oklahoma boasts many stunning nature parks to discover!

Oklahoma City nightlife offers an eclectic blend of traditional roots and modern vibes. From post-apocalyptic themed bars to amazing cheeseburgers and rooftop views, Oklahoma City offers something for everyone in its vibrant bar scene.