moving to oklahoma city

Those considering moving to Oklahoma City will be delighted to know the state is experiencing a financial, architectural, and social revitalization. Before making your decision to relocate here though, here are a few things you need to keep in mind before making your move.

Oklahoma City stands out as being exceptionally affordable when it comes to cost of living, making your money go further here than it would in most other cities.

1. It’s a small town at heart

Oklahoma City is one of the premier places in America to raise a family, offering an attractive job market, affordable living costs and excellent schools. Oklahoma City also provides beautiful weather with mild winters and spectacular summers – not to mention warm and friendly people who make making new friendships easy!

Oklahoma City offers many distinct neighborhoods, each boasting their own charm and personality. Edmond is a high-income suburb with excellent schools. Meanwhile, Oklahoma City itself is a bustling, cultural city full of diversity with plenty to do and see downtown; rich with historic buildings and shops to be discovered!

Oklahoma City offers numerous career opportunities in areas like energy, food service, aviation/aerospace, government and healthcare industries. Oklahoma City also hosts one of the world’s largest livestock markets which offer many jobs related to agriculture. Plus there’s Tinker Air Force Base and Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center which offer federal jobs.

Oklahoma City boasts an excellent education system, with most public, private, magnet, and charter schools earning 9 or higher ratings on GreatSchools website. Oklahoma City is also an incredibly safe city to raise a family; crime rates in Oklahoma City are significantly lower than national average; however it’s important to be wary of certain areas such as Mulligan Flats (SE-SW 15th Street between I-35 and Western), NE 23rd St, NE 36th St Martin Luther King Boulevard NW 10th Street South Central Avenue or South Shields Boulevard where certain areas may cause concern – it may require extra caution in certain parts of town compared with their counterparts elsewhere in Oklahoma City.

2. It’s a great place to raise a family

Oklahoma may be known for cowboys and oil rigs, but its people are actually very welcoming – making it an excellent place for families or anyone starting over in life. Oklahomans are famous for being generous hosts; hard workers who innovate; their generosity makes Oklahoma an excellent choice! Additionally, its economy has since moved away from energy-based production towards other fields including health care and technology.

Oklahoma City stands out as an attractive option for families because its cost of living is far below that of most major U.S. cities; according to SmartAsset research, residents could save more money living there compared with many major American cities, as they receive greater bang for their buck living here than elsewhere. Furthermore, Oklahoma offers some of the top healthcare in America including top hospitals offering heart transplants, eye institutes, and one of only eight proton therapy centers nationwide.

So if you’re considering moving to Oklahoma City, don’t hesitate! You’ll discover friendly and welcoming locals as well as affordable city living, not to mention some of the country’s tastiest cuisine and epic rodeos – what could possibly go wrong there? With Monster helping you locate jobs both urban and suburban settings Monster can assist in finding you your next career opportunity today – simply create your profile and upload your resume for instantaneous connections with employers!

3. It’s a great place to work

Oklahoma City is an ideal environment for young professionals and students. Home to numerous Fortune 500 companies and the most populous city in Oklahoma State, it also plays host to several professional sports teams such as the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA. Oklahoma City also is famous for its cowboy culture – making it a sought-after tourist destination.

City of Philadelphia boasts a diverse population, with many African Americans and Hispanic residents making up its composition. Philadelphia enjoys a thriving economy, being an energy industry center which has propelled innovation across industries like health care and aviation, while also acting as an active dance and music scene.

Downtown Oklahoma City is a bustling business and entertainment district, featuring restaurants, bars, clubs and many museums and historic sites, such as the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum and Myriad Botanical Gardens. Interstate 35 connects it with other parts of the state.

Oklahoma City’s northern section features urban neighborhoods while its southern area is predominantly suburban. While living here can be rewarding, public transportation options in Oklahoma City are limited and renting a car may be necessary if moving there.

The city enjoys a temperate humid subtropical climate (Koppen classification Cfa). Summers can become warm and humid while winters remain cool, snowfall being infrequent but severe ice storms occasionally occurring. Furthermore, droughts and wildfires often occur within its boundaries.

4. It’s a great place to live

Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma and one of America’s most livable cities. Additionally, it makes for an enjoyable visit with lots of shopping, dining and live sporting event options to suit every taste imaginable – no wonder so many are drawn here both professionally and recreationally!

City life in North Dakota revolves around its capital city of Fargo and it’s home to several Fortune 500 companies. Fargo boasts an incredibly diverse population that’s rapidly increasing; additionally it provides ample family-oriented activities and boasts excellent schools that serve them.

Oklahoma City’s downtown is experiencing a remarkable transformation thanks to urban renewal projects. Renewed food and entertainment districts, such as Bricktown, are major draws for tourists visiting this major tourist destination. Thanks to Oklahoma City’s compact downtown layout, many attractions can be reached within walking distance; and alongside thriving restaurant scenes there’s also some of the state’s premier shopping experiences available here.

Oklahoma City provides numerous means of travel, from the freeway system and city-wide bus system Metro. There is also a small but well-run airport. As Oklahoma’s capital city, Oklahoma City also features several public and private parks as well as two large lakes nearby.

Oklahoma City experiences a generally temperate climate with warm and humid summers and cool winters. Oklahoma City is at high-risk for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms; its moderately continental climate often features drought conditions; flooding can occur after heavy rainfall events, necessitating an extensive network of storm drainage systems for managing these risks.

5. It’s a great place to visit

Oklahoma City offers many wonderful attractions for visitors. The locals are warm, the food delicious and there is much to see and do in this diverse city. Furthermore, its nightlife and cultural events make for a lively scene, while its lower cost of living means that families can live comfortably while saving money at the same time.

Downtown Oklahoma City offers plenty of restaurants and bars, as well as an exciting shopping district. Plus there’s no shortage of museums or other attractions – from learning more about Oklahoma history at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum to taking a tour through some of Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s art collection – or providing something fun for kids like Science Museum of Oklahoma!

Oklahoma City offers a diverse range of employment options, ranging from large corporations like Chesapeake Energy to family-owned small businesses. If you’re interested in starting up your own venture, Oklahoma City provides numerous incubators and shared workspaces – such as Starspace 46 – to assist entrepreneurs as they launch their ventures.

Are You Thinking About Moving to Oklahoma City? Now Is The Time! Begin exploring everything this great city has to offer; who knows, maybe it will end up becoming your forever home! Just remember to pronounce OK-C when meeting people here so as not to seem like an outsider and to ensure a successful experience here!