Before deciding to relocate to Tulsa Oklahoma, it is essential that you gather some key details about this region. Keep in mind that the climate can be hot and humid here.

Tulsa boasts a healthy job market. Its economy relies heavily on various sectors like aviation, energy and finance.

Low Cost of Living

Cost of Living When it comes to selecting a city as the place you call home, one of the key aspects to take into account is cost of living. This calculation considers prices of various services and goods in comparison with national averages – such as transportation costs, housing affordability and food prices. All these aspects can have a dramatic impact on both quality of life and how much money will need to be earned to support lifestyle needs.

Tulsa residents can rest easy knowing their costs of living are lower than the national average, making the city a wonderful place to reside. According to American Home Shield research, Tulsa ranks fourth most affordable city with housing costs 17 percent below national average as well as having low cost-of-living costs such as groceries and utility services.

Tulsa is well known for its diverse culture. The population comprises peoples from many diverse groups and its cuisine is heavily influenced by regional dishes from all around the country. While Caucasians make up the majority, Tulsa also hosts African Americans, Hispanics, English speakers, Native Americans and cowboys who celebrate and take great pride in preserving their history and values their cultural identities.

Tulsa stands out as an affordable city due to its reasonable rents and housing prices, such as its monthly apartment rental costing about $1043 which is far below the national average. You may also save money when purchasing groceries as Tulsa food prices are typically 5% lower than nationwide norms.

Tulsa boasts not only a low cost of living, but also boasts an extremely low unemployment rate – signifying that its economy is flourishing and that there are ample job opportunities for both young and experienced professionals in its job market. Therefore, Tulsa makes an ideal city in which to start or build upon a career or raise a family without worry over high taxes or expensive fees.

Family-Centric Neighborhoods

Tulsa boasts numerous family-focused neighborhoods that make it a wonderful option for new families moving into the area. Tulsa’s compact neighborhoods are easy to navigate and feature parks, restaurants and shopping opportunities as well as public schools of excellence and plenty of recreational opportunities for both children and adults.

Downtown Tulsa is a stunning area to live, boasting historic architecture and numerous local businesses. Home to world-famous Gathering Place park and River Parks Trail system – which offer miles of paved walking and jogging trails – and several children’s museums; not forgetting an active music scene; this city also provides affordable living, with rent for two-bedroom apartments being under $1,000 monthly and grocery costs being much lower than elsewhere in the US, helping individuals save money more easily.

Tulsa lies within “Tornado Alley,” an area known for the presence of tornadoes which, while most are harmless, some can cause significant damage. Therefore, it’s wise to do your research on any new city before moving there – many find Tulsa an ideal location in which to start raising a family or starting their business.

Bixby, located just north of Tulsa, is one of the top places in Tulsa to look for family-friendly neighborhoods. Offering various housing options close to hospitals and schools makes Bixby an excellent place for families with both children and pets to settle down in Tulsa.

Tulsa offers more than safety for kids; families can take advantage of outdoor activities in Tulsa such as Woodward Park amusement park and Tulsa Zoo to make it fun! Furthermore, this city is known for its bustling arts and culture scene, welcoming all who enter.

Tulsa boasts an affordable cost of living and an booming local economy, ranking ninth nationally for economy and unemployment rates compared to most states. Furthermore, Tulsa boasts one of the lowest income tax rates nationwide which makes it an excellent place for residents looking to save on taxes.


Tulsa offers an affordable cost of living while also providing a diverse array of cultural activities and family-friendly pursuits, perfect for history enthusiasts, art fans and sports fans alike. Explore Tulsa’s historic downtown district; watch professional baseball or soccer games; listen to world-class music performed by Tulsa Symphony Orchestra; attend Broadway shows or simply stroll along its many parks! It has earned widespread acclaim due to its exceptional park system and well-respected public schools – among many other things!

Tulsa boasts an attractive combination of low living costs and family-oriented attractions and parks that appeal to visitors of all ages, such as Philbrook Museum of Art or Gilcrease Museum with their world-class permanent collections and stunning Italianate gardens, Tulsa Zoo or Oklahoma Aquarium for some entertainment and adventure!

There are also numerous family-oriented events throughout the year, such as Oktoberfest each fall and Native American culture celebrations in August as well as Dia de los Muertos arts festival held each November. Tulsa offers numerous restaurants and shopping districts.

Consider the proximity to restaurants, shops and nightlife when choosing a neighborhood in Tulsa. Also keep public transport accessibility in mind as areas nearer the city center will generally cost more. When making this decision it’s also wise to think about when moving will occur – spring tends to be more costly than summer moves!

When moving to Tulsa, it’s essential that you hire an excellent local mover. Reputable Tulsa movers offer outstanding services at reasonable rates while protecting your possessions during transit and making sure everything arrives intact at its destination.

Moving can be an arduous and exhausting task, especially if you have many items to transport. Finding reliable Tulsa movers to handle this move quickly and efficiently is essential. These local companies possess both experience and know-how necessary for successful relocation.

Job Opportunities

Tulsa provides numerous employment options to explore. With an established economy and plenty of part-time jobs available, this city makes for an excellent place for anyone who desires a rewarding work life experience. As Tulsa has taken the Family Positive Workplace pledge, families are especially welcome here!

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