moving to tulsa ok

If you are contemplating moving to Tulsa OK, it is essential that you know what to expect. Living here offers numerous advantages including low living costs and an outstanding education system.

Tulsa boasts a vibrant economy that spans multiple industries such as aviation and aerospace, making it easier for newcomers to find employment here.

Cost of living

As part of any relocation decision, knowing the cost of living in Tulsa can be essential. Use PayScale’s cost of living calculator to gain a better understanding of its expenses based on your career and salary; in addition, this tool also shows the average rent, utilities, food and transportation expenses in the city.

Tulsa is an affordable place to live. With one of the lowest cost-of-living rates among major American cities and an attractive lifestyle ideal for young professionals, families with children, retirees and artists looking for inspiration; Tulsa makes an attractive place for anyone wanting to save money while enjoying access to good schools and healthcare facilities.

Tulsa boasts more than just affordable housing prices; it also has a bustling arts scene and diverse range of recreational activities, from parks and public spaces that allow citizens to easily enjoy nature such as its lush forests or spectacular waterfalls, to museums and art galleries that provide rich cultural experiences.

Tulsa’s economy has deep roots in energy, earning it the nickname of the “oil capital of the world.” Today, however, its offerings have expanded considerably with aerospace and aviation providing high-flying opportunities and telecommunications keeping everyone connected socially. Other key industries in Tulsa include manufacturing and health care.

Tulsa offers another advantage of moving here compared to other regions: low property prices allow for relatively easy house purchases on a small income. When purchasing, always follow simple rules, like the 28% rule: mortgage, taxes and insurance should not exceed 28% of net monthly income.

Tulsa’s local community is welcoming, accepting and easygoing. Making friends quickly is also simple here and the unemployment rate is lower than the national average so finding employment should not be difficult either.


Tulsa offers an ideal combination of small-town charm and plenty of opportunities for relocation. With its subtropical climate – summers can be hot and muggy while winters are cold and windy – as well as its location within Tornado Alley (where storms may occasionally trigger tornadoes). However, before making the leap to Tulsa there are certain considerations you must keep in mind before moving here.

Tulsa boasts an affordable cost of living when compared to other American cities, with reduced fuel, housing, food and clothing expenses for its residents. As Tulsa sits below the national average in cost of living terms, making it a good place for families.

City Center is home to several healthy markets, including Whole Foods. Bicycle- and running path infrastructure provide ample opportunity for physical exercise while connecting with nature – two qualities which have attracted outdoor enthusiasts in Oklahoma as a destination.

Tulsa public schools provide an outstanding education experience, with a diverse academic offering and exceptional teachers. Many have received top ratings, making Tulsa an attractive destination for families with school-age children; Jenks High School ranks second overall in Oklahoma!

Tulsa boasts an extensive variety of public schools as well as private and charter options for your children’s educational experience. However, when making decisions pertaining to these options it’s crucial that research be completed beforehand in order to make an informed decision.

Tulsa can experience extreme temperatures during the summer months. Temperatures can reach as much as 95 degrees Fahrenheit, making Tulsa’s climate uncomfortable for some individuals who may not be used to the climate here. Furthermore, Tulsa often sees rainstorms which create wet environments; therefore it might be wiser for you to consider other cities or states before moving to Tulsa.


Tulsa, Oklahoma’s second-largest city, exudes all American charm with its well-preserved Art Deco architecture, vibrant performing arts scene and barbecue joints that give it its distinctive character. Furthermore, this city features an excellent university system and high tech industry that make it an appealing location for families looking for safe environments in which to raise their children.

Tulsa’s economy is comprised of many diverse sectors, with aerospace accounting for almost one quarter of jobs in Tulsa. Additional key industries include health care, energy and manufacturing – many small businesses thrive here with over 80% employing less than 10 people!

One of the greatest things about Tulsa is its affordability – meaning you will save a significant amount on housing costs, food expenses and everyday items such as gasoline. This gives you more freedom to enjoy life without financial strain caused by living elsewhere.

Tulsa offers plenty of outdoor attractions for nature enthusiasts. Woodward Park hosts a botanical garden and arboretum while Turkey Mountain Park features horseback riding trails as well as mountain bike tracks for challenging mountain bike riders. In urban parks around town you’ll also find scenic walking paths with water fountains perfect for kids.

Tulsa’s culture and history can be explored in many other ways. The Gilcrease Museum offers a fantastic treasure trove of Western art, American Indian legend and frontier lore – with stunning paintings, sculptures, manuscripts and antique maps on display.

Visit the Gathering Place, a state-of-the-art riverfront park designed to foster creativity. Like Disneyworld for community spaces, this must-see attraction in Tulsa features a large circular attraction where whatever you say echoes back at you – an effect which has baffled physicists! Additionally, this park offers playgrounds and activities suitable for the whole family.


If you are considering moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, Tulsa boasts low costs of living due to oil production and an abundant economy; additionally it features strong infrastructure as well as expanding business opportunities; Tulsa boasts rich culture as well as outstanding schools and colleges that will facilitate your stay there.

Tulsa is generally safe, yet still faces crime issues. While the murder rate exceeds that of other cities nationally, property crime incidents tend to be lower due to having an effective police force that can control these issues effectively. Furthermore, downtown Tulsa offers families with young children an extremely safe environment where they can shop safely.

Air quality issues also pose a threat, potentially leading to serious health concerns over time. For smokers in particular, this could prove disastrous.

Tulsa may not provide as many entertainment options as other cities; therefore, if you enjoy going out and partying regularly, Tulsa might not be ideal for you. Furthermore, its weather can often change rapidly so be prepared for rain as well as hot temperatures!

Tulsa boasts a decent public transportation system, but it is slower than other US cities. The transit score in Tulsa stands at 23 out of 100, so car ownership will likely be necessary if you wish to live here. Tulsa experiences heavy traffic congestion compared to big cities like New York or Los Angeles but still manages to come out ahead.

Tulsa is an ideal location if you are seeking both stable employment and family-friendly living environments. There is an abundance of jobs, with low unemployment rates; thus making Tulsa an attractive location in which to find employment quickly after moving here. Furthermore, Tulsa boasts an incredibly diverse population that boasts a robust economy, making this city increasingly desirable as more people choose to relocate here.