moving to tulsa ok

Tulsa Oklahoma is an ideal city for families. It provides entertainment, culture and affordable neighborhoods suited for growing families; with lakes and rivers perfect for weekend recreational fun.

Tulsa offers many professional movers who can assist with your move with ease and have earned themselves an impeccable track record of reliability and speed in getting all your belongings to their destinations on schedule.

Cost of Living

Tulsa stands out as an attractive city for new residents due to its affordable living costs, making Tulsa one of the best choices when looking for new places to call home. Living costs here are less than the national average in several categories including groceries, utilities and housing – and Heller Park and Kensington are great neighborhoods where one can find an apartment under $600 monthly!

Tulsa stands out among other cities by boasting 13% lower living costs compared to the national average, and housing costs 32% below it, making it a fantastic option for families and individuals looking to lower monthly costs.

Tulsa stands out in terms of affordability due to its relatively low state income tax rate. Tulsa residents pay approximately $2,400 in taxes each year compared to an estimated national average of $3,836; this includes personal income taxes, property taxes and social security contributions. Furthermore, sales and excise taxes in Tulsa are quite reasonable.

Tulsa also enjoys an affordable cost of healthcare services, though they still are not cheap compared to other parts of the country; for example, Tulsa doctor visits are approximately 10% lower than average national costs.

Food expenses are one of the highest priorities for most individuals, yet Tulsa boasts affordable grocery stores and restaurants, where you can even purchase an adequate meal for under $8!

Clothing and entertainment costs also make up daily expenses in Tulsa; prices here may be slightly higher than the national average but remain significantly less than in major cities like New York or San Diego.

Tulsa stands out among big cities due to its low cost of living by offering world-class parks, world-renowned museums and music venues, upscale shopping districts, vibrant culture that encompasses elements from South, Southwest and Midwest regions as well as Native American and cowboy traditions.


Tulsa provides many higher education options. From universities and community colleges, to online schools and distance learning opportunities – Tulsa has something for everyone when it comes to higher education. Tulsa schools have been recognized nationally for their academic excellence and diversity; Tulsa hosts public and private institutions with various subjects or specialties, as well as colleges that focus on multiple specializations.

TCC is Oklahoma’s largest two-year college, providing career-centered educational experience. The Metro Campus boasts easy access to downtown Tulsa as well as state-of-the-art technology and resources. TCC has also established partnerships with regional and online universities in order to ensure seamless credit transfers.

The University of Tulsa is an esteemed research university with roots that date back before Oklahoma became a state. Offering both undergraduate and graduate programs with a wide array of majors, U.S. News & World Report ranked it one of America’s Best Colleges; their main building, Tulsa Arts Center hosts events and performances year round.

Third Floor Design, the student-run graphic design studio at TU, has completed over 200 pro bono projects for local agencies and nonprofits as part of its pro-bono initiative. Furthermore, its psychology department conducts important research on adversity and trauma.

At the heart of Tulsa lies one of the nation’s premier research and teaching facilities – University of Tulsa. With an acclaimed collection of rare books, manuscripts and archives that spans four centuries – as well as over two million items available to patrons – this library holds some of the finest resources related to American Indian studies.

The University of Tulsa provides online degree programs designed to help busy professionals balance work and family. Their master’s degrees cover a range of topics from energy to business; plus there’s asynchronous and synchronous delivery options along with 24/7 technical support, mobile apps for accessing portals and academic and career advising and professor office hours!

Job Market

Tulsa’s economy is flourishing, providing plentiful employment opportunities. This city boasts strong aerospace, health care and manufacturing industries as well as an innovative entrepreneurial scene.

Tulsa once relied heavily on oil and gas employment as its primary source of employment; since oil prices fell, however, Tulsa has seen an influx of jobs across different sectors such as aerospace and healthcare; many new positions have also been created within tech startup industries.

Tulsa’s robust economy has led to an increasing need for construction workers and skilled labor, prompting an influx of concrete contractors, framers, roofers and plumbers – jobs which offer competitive wages with benefits that provide entry-level career options for anyone new to Tulsa.

Tulsa’s economic development has been driven by its low cost of doing business. Tulsa boasts 11 percent lower operating expenses than the national average, making Tulsa an ideal location for companies of all sizes to locate.

Tulsa boasts numerous cultural attractions, from world-class museums and art galleries to an active music scene with local musicians performing at popular restaurants and bars. Additionally, there are parks and trails where people can take in nature. Tulsa provides newcomers an ideal setting for making friends quickly, thanks to the city’s large African-American population and variety of community services and social activities available here. These organizations are all dedicated to improving the quality of life for Tulsans. Tulsa Responds provides free one-on-one navigation services for individuals needing help with federal assistance programs like tax filing, Medicaid/SoonerCare enrollment or internet subsidy applications; The Opportunity Project connects Tulsa’s array of youth-centric programs, services and curriculum initiatives into one cohesive framework in order to provide pathways towards success for young people.


Tulsa boasts an intimate town feel while still offering a vibrant economy and family-oriented activities. Its welcoming residents welcome newcomers with open arms, making life in this vibrant city both rewarding and pleasant. Furthermore, there are various parks and green spaces which encourage residents to get outside and appreciate its stunning weather.

Tulsa also boasts a vibrant culture unique to Oklahoma. Spanning three regions: south, southwest, and midwest of America, Tulsa has developed a distinct heritage which draws heavily upon Native American and cowboy influences; contributing to vibrant arts scene as well as flourishing business community in the region.

Tulsa stands out as an attractive city for entrepreneurs due to its affordable cost of living, robust job market, and welcoming attitude toward remote workers. You will find jobs available across industries including tech, healthcare, energy and education – plus plenty of restaurants and coffee shops where you can socialize after work!

As you start your home search in Tulsa, be sure to consider its various neighborhoods. Some have higher crime rates than others and it’s important to find one suitable to your lifestyle – avoid northeast part of town as it has been known to be unsafe if moving with children; find one near parks and schools as this will facilitate easier transition.

Tulsa boasts not only an affordable cost of living and numerous jobs, but some of the finest schools in Oklahoma as well. Tulsa was recently named one of the best cities for young families to relocate. Furthermore, its low costs of living and reliable public transportation make it attractive to people working remotely as well. Tulsa’s high-speed internet can also attract potential newcomers.