If you are contemplating moving to Oklahoma City, read on for reasons why it could be the right move for your family. From low living costs and plenty of jobs available, Oklahoma City provides something for all generations.

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1. Job Opportunities

Oklahoma City is often called “America’s Biggest Small Town,” as its low cost of living and abundant job opportunities draw people in from all across the nation to its shores. Oklahoma City boasts one of the highest economies and job markets, making it a prime spot for both families and young professionals looking for work opportunities.

Oklahoma City offers an attractive combination of low unemployment rate and diverse job sectors to create an ideal environment for career and business advancement. Oklahoma City also features high-quality education systems and crime rates that contribute to its stability – not to mention an average commute time that is 18% less than that of national average.

Oklahoma City is becoming an increasingly attractive location to call home, and is rapidly growing in popularity as an option. Here are a few factors you should keep in mind before making the leap:

Oklahoma City straddles both Texas and Kansas, providing it with its unique blend of American culture and Western heritage. Here you can experience cowboy-related events like the world’s largest cattle market as well as learn more about Oklahoma’s rich history at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.

Oklahoma City is an ideal city for anyone, but especially so for those in search of low cost of living environments. The median home price here stands at $148,000 – considerably lower than the national average of $240,000! Before making any decisions about moving here, be sure to explore its real estate market first.

2. Weather

Oklahoma City boasts a humid subtropical climate, meaning hot summers and cool winters as well as frequent clashes of air masses that cause abrupt temperature shifts. Furthermore, this city may experience droughts as well as extreme rainfall events leading to flooding and flash floods.

Even during hot and humid weather, you will still be able to enjoy outdoor activities like golfing or taking a walk outdoors. But you must learn to dress accordingly for the climate – light clothes in summertime and warmer garments during winter will do nicely; don’t forget bringing along an umbrella just in case of bad weather!

City life is surrounded by suburbs, so choosing your neighborhood will present many options when selecting an address to live in. Choose to be near downtown for easy access to restaurants and nightlife or opt for more of a suburban lifestyle and save some money.

At 20 minutes, Newark’s average commute time is significantly lower than the national average of 25 minutes – great news for families with young children as this gives them more time to spend together!

Oklahoma City residents are known for being warm and accommodating to newcomers. Furthermore, their socially conservative values make this an excellent choice for anyone searching for somewhere with similar political ideologies as them.

3. Low Cost of Living

Oklahoma City offers lower living costs than the national average, giving residents more spending power for experiencing all it has to offer. Affordable homes and apartments can be found, while grocery costs tend to be less expensive than in other states. Transportation costs also remain affordable, making getting around Oklahoma City much simpler.

Oklahoma City offers an attractive job market with opportunities in industries spanning aerospace, biotechnology and energy. Oklahoma City also features low unemployment rates with competitive compensation packages available for employees as well as low property and sales tax rates.

Forest Park, Del City and Guthrie are among the most affordable suburbs near Oklahoma City, situated only 20-30 minutes away and offering an abundance of amenities and top-rated schools. Forest Park boasts around 1,000 residents and its proximity to Myriad Botanical Gardens as well as Will Rogers Turnpike make this city attractive for prospective homebuyers.

Guthrie offers a cozy small-town environment and makes an excellent place to raise a family. Packed full of historic buildings and family-oriented activities, residents here are friendly and always look out for one another – making Guthrie an excellent place to try your luck at barbeque as its locals love frying up delicious smoked meats!

If you are considering moving to Oklahoma City, make sure that you carefully evaluate its benefits. From big-city amenities to smaller, Southern town charm, Oklahoma has something special in store for everyone.

4. Friendliness

Oklahoma City offers much to love, from delicious Bricktown dining experiences to biotechnology and energy industries that thrive, to its welcoming community that has earned it the nickname “The Big Friendly”. Residents here are famously friendly and helpful; residents love helping strangers in need and providing assistance when necessary – whether newcomers are present or simply visiting. Furthermore, Oklahoma City is widely known as being extremely church-loving so don’t be surprised if someone invites you into their church service!

Thumbtack recently conducted a survey that placed Oklahoma City first among cities for being small business friendly, scoring well on hiring, licensing, regulations, zoning, and more. This achievement can largely be attributed to Oklahoma’s robust oil and natural gas industries which have provided Oklahoma with protection from the economic downturn which has hit other regions across the U.S.

Considering Oklahoma City as your future home? Carefully weigh all its benefits before making your decision. Oklahoma City has plenty to offer, while its cost of living is far lower than most large US cities.

Oklahomans are famously friendly and helpful people; expect someone to greet you on the street every time you pass by, and should you experience difficulty with a flat tire expect at least three people to stop by your vehicle and help fix it.

5. Safety

Oklahoma City is an ideal city in which to reside, boasting low crime rates and an inclusive sense of community among its residents. Furthermore, its spacious environment and affordable housing makes for an enjoyable lifestyle – during the Oklahoma Land Rush period, settlers could claim up to 160 acres for free!

Oklahoma City offers an outstanding education system, boasting some of the finest public schools and numerous acclaimed universities. Furthermore, its residents are widely known for being generous and friendly – Travel+Leisure even named Oklahoma City as one of America’s friendliest and least rude cities!

Oklahoma City offers many things to do. Home to beautiful parks and scenic trails for enjoying nature, Oklahoma City also features vibrant downtown area that is experiencing a financial, architectural, and social revitalization process.

Oklahoma City offers no shortage of delicious cuisine. It’s famous for its barbeque, which blends styles from Memphis, Kansas City and Texas into one delicious feast. And no visit would be complete without experiencing Oklahoma’s iconic chicken fried steak dish!

If you’re moving to Oklahoma City, it’s crucial that you plan your move carefully. Hire a professional moving company to assist with the move and sell or donate any unneeded items prior to moving – this will make settling into your new home much simpler! For reliable storage solutions, look into PODS; their portable containers can be delivered right to your driveway so you can fill them at your own pace!